Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This past week was good. We were having issues in being able to meet up with people, but we had two wonderful miracles this week. Firstly we were able to meet up with a nonmember who is friends with some of the members. We stopped by and she invited us in because her older brother, who was staying at a nursing home, was at her place. We met with him and started talking to him. The discussion became religious. He started asking questions that were of a bashing nature, such as the impracticality of Noah’s ark, where the water came from, why would god want a body which he thought to be restricting. It was fantastic because Elder Ee and I didn't try to be all logical or try to be witty, but rather we bore testimony of how we don't know all things, but the Lord does, and we can come to know if these things are true through desire and prayer. It ended on a fantastic note. The other miracle was with Ben Daniel. He's been real busy and so we, one night of this past week, went to his house and he was available! We went upstairs, sang hymns with him, and then started to talk about his testimony in Christ, and then were talking to him about what makes our church different. Unfortunately, it ended with us not being able to get into what makes our church different, but we had a great lesson and he said he'd want to have us over to help him in his yard. Yay!

I can testify that this work is moving forward, and that family is so important. All things around us are temporary, and will pass away, but family carries on forever. So it is important enough for us to do all we can to bring it together.

Love you all,
Elder Justin Cederlof

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