Sunday, July 20, 2014



Dear Mom,

Last week was definitely better than the week before. We were able to get two other lessons, one of them by miracle, and a member present with a very interesting lady named Ethel. We weren't able to meet with Brandon because we were going to see him Sunday but then the whole day was filled and so we weren't able to stop by, but we'll be likely seeing him Tuesday. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan and hope, we will have a lot of lessons this week and many of them member presents. We have dropped Cassandra--she went very weird, sent mean voicemail to member, and won't respond to our texts, and has recently put a chain on her fence to her house. Best of wishes to her and hopefully she'll calm down. She's bipolar and has struggles. 
I think that I will be here til December so until then I won't be going to the temple. I'm really bummed about that, but hey, I went to the temple every week back home, which is pretty awesome that I was able to do that. As for the rut, I am still in a rut, but if I really put effort into this upcoming week, it should be fantastic. It's just hard to get everything to work together, and finding is super hard down here, since the whole place is virtually tracted, and some places definitely more than once, and the people here are in a vacation spot so the are less receptive to the undesired topic of religion, which I think is a bit strange that people could be so against it, but I think perhaps it is because of the crazy things down in the name of the Lord in history, which weren't in his name truly. But there is great hope here and by faith shall miracles come to pass. There are many who can come unto Christ down here. 
That's exciting, but also sad for Ashley. No doubt she'll be missing her mission, but boy she'll be amazing and ever so converted. You'll be able to see the spirit in her and how changed and christlike she's come. My best of wishes to her. I'm glad our missions are two years, or I'd have seven months left and that'd be so sad, but alas it's two, which I enjoy. 
I did a lot of service for people (read landon's and Melissa's letters) and we were able to meet up with Diane, a new investigator, Philip, a potential, and Ethel. Diane is a listener but is not confident, and hasn't much experience with religion. She believes in God but has no testimony of Christ. So we are helping her to learn who God is. Philip is the husband of an investigator that's more of a potential, but he had opened the door because she wasn't home. It was great to then talk to him, give him a pamphlet, and invite him to read it. we want to see these three also this week and to help them come closer to Christ. 
And as a summation, I am good. Blessed far more than I can deserve. It's such a privilege to know that this gospel is true, and I love being out here. 

Love you more than words can describe too. Thanks for being my mother. 
Elder Justin Cederlof
Excerpt from Landon & Melissa's letters:
This week in Merimbula we helped a lot of people.  We got firewood from a huge tree pile, helped a lady move her garden, set up a chicken coop, moved wood from basement to upstairs place, hammered apart wooden pallets and cut them up for wood for a fire, raked up rocks from a families yard, removed weeds from a small cliffside/hill, tried to help a member set up a playhouse thing, and moved a concrete slab back into place.  It was great!  We were able to teach some people too, and I love it when we do that.

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