Monday, June 23, 2014

So this week was a bit more eventful. We were traveling Saturday night from a less active's house to our flat for the night, and we made a quick stop at a members to drop off some meat and pumpkin. On the way home we were going down a straight and a car was coming, so we turned off our high beams. As the car was coming and we were just driving straight, a wombat was in our way and we crashed into it. Crazy moment. At first I thought it was a mini sheep. We ended up getting front damage and sub frame damage and our hood is jammed and out of place, but we lived! The wombat was killed instantly, and remained in one piece. At first we were scared to get out of the car and see gore and blood and innards all over the front of the car, but no it was clean, we got the courage to see. We were able to drive home, but are now restricted from driving it any more for possible damage to the engine and such. It will be interesting to be in an area over an hour's drive long without a car. Buses!!! Good opportunity for finding though.
This week was great because we were able to visit a lot of less actives. We also have seen a less active come to church and yesterday was her second time in a row! It was excellent. Now for the others--the rest will be interesting but it's great to visit all of them.
This past transfer just went by so fast, and next transfer I'll be almost to my year mark, crazy as! Too short a mission is. What great work is to be done. No wonder everyday is used. There just isn't enough time for holiday out here. And I have learned so much out here.
Cassandra is struggling with coming to church, and we have had to change her baptismal date, but we shan't give up. We will be trying to figure out how to visit Eve with a member and no car, but we shall find a way.
I love you all, and may you continue onward and upward.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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