Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello Everybody!
This week has been great! Elder Coats and I were able to teach a fourteen year old named DJ who is the son of a very less active mother, although she really isn't his mother. He will be baptized at the end of May. Our goal of baptisms for the month of May is 3 so we are going to work hard for those.
The ward is so great and I am just loving them. Netti, a Tongan, is preparing himself to serve a mission, and we were able to have him at two of our lessons this week. He is awesome and even wants to go tracting twice a week with us, which surprised me heaps. His family we are close to.
Also, I learned this week about the importance of believing. Sister Pikula, a returned missionary and current wife and mother, gave me some wonderful advice. She said that she knows that I believe, but I need to believe more. She also told me to put emotion into the work, and believe that I will find those who are ready, and that all I come in contact with need to hear what I have to say. It was great.
The work is going well in Macarthur and there is just so much to do. So many people need this gospel, so let's help them get it. Time is just too short. Sister Nelson, wife of Elder Nelson the apostle, spoke these words at the recent mission conference: "When you come to know who you truly are, you will wish you had spent your time better." May we all come to know who we truly are, and use our time wisely.  
Elder Cederlof

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear people,
This week was wonderful! The climax of it was the privileged enjoying of General Conference. The talks were sublime and of the utmost benefit. There were three great repetitions that stood out to me: we need to get a deeper understanding of the atonement, ordinances, and "every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ". I love that last one the most. The question is, will we be compelled to do so, or rather, will we want to do so in humble adoration. I loved the talk on obedience and courage, because those reflect Christ-like qualities that we need to achieve. These talks are definitely worth studying over.
It has been an amazing experience to see my eyes opened as I have been out here, to see the need to take courage, and make more effort toward Christ. There is so much to do in these "four minutes" that we have. May it be done in His name.
Elder Cederlof

Companion - Elder Coats

Meeting house in MacArthur

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello, everybody! Not much has happened this week, though we had transfers and I am staying with my current companion, which is good. We did have the opportunity to have a lesson with Kevin, who has been to the community basketball activities that we've been able to attend. He's having a few difficulties at the moment so we're trying to help him out and to help him see what the gospel can help him with.
We have been able to meet with the members a lot this week and that has been a blessing. They are just so wonderful and I love being able to find opportunitites to serve them. They are great examples of followers of Christ, even on the other side of the world. The gospel blesses all, both old and young of all kinds. That's why it's the healant for all people. Let's reach out so many can find that out for themselves.
Elder Justin Cederlof