Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weeks fly by when you are in the service of the Lord

Weeks just fly by when you are in the service of the Lord. This week has had some not ideals, but was a good week nonetheless.  Ian believes that all churches have pieces of the truth that God wishes to give each of them, so we have given him a Book of Mormon and have committed him to reading it and praying about it. Not ideal, but he is ever worth the effort.  Jesse is doing wonderful, and is a progressing investigator. Now we need to commit her to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She enjoys church, and that has been a miracle. Maria is doing well and is just amazingly honest and will ask questions--the best kind of investigator. She's been reading and praying; now we are going to commit her to coming to church.
This week I had the privilege of doing splits down to Merimbula. At one point there is a steep incline till we were at the top of a mountain, and then there was a 10 kilometer descent down the side of the mountain. It was at the cloud level, so it looked like Jurassic Park with the mist.  The pictures of our trip back at night are amazing.

I've short time on the computer but I know that this is the true church. It just amazes me how we are privileged with not only knowing what's currently going on, but what lies eternally in the future. Wow! We must share that, for we know what to prepare for and most don't. Time here is just so short compared to the eternity following. Now we must act. The gospel is not just a good idea, but the truth. Not just a religion to go and worship with others, but the eternal truth of who we are and what reality is. It's just so important. The parable of the pearl of great price is great because we must be willing to sacrifice all we have for this church with Jesus Christ at the head. It will all be worth it. Of that I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
 Elder Cederlof, Firstborn

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Golden Investigator

    This week was magnificent. Such results have not been seen thus far. I can testify that lessons with members can make great difference. Having a member present at a meeting with an investigator named Jesse gave the perfect opportunity to have her be given a ride by them to church. She went to church the same week that we gave our first lesson; that is a miracle; members make all the difference. Just like Alma and Amulek--Alma's words may have been great, but the testimony of Amulek made the difference. So it is the same with missionaries and members.
       There was an extraordinary miracle this week. There is not enough time to write about it, shall do next week, but we received a golden investigator. That experience was a miracle truly, and my faith has grown from that alone. It is amazing how much our eyes, as members, are opened. Truly we can see, and I testify that that is true, and I can see that out here. It's amazing that we'd be given such knowledge. Knowledge here is of here, but Knowledge of God is of all. We can see true purpose beyond anything. It is just amazing. Let it be shared, and not forgotten. I testify that it is a privilege and an honor to proclaim such. These things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Miracles can be seen....if one is looking!

Once again time is crazy here because time flew by this week but I can't believe that I've only been here for a month and a half. So confusing !  But this week has been a good week despite some occurrences. Unfortunately, this week had many appointments that fell through. The plan of teaching about the Sabbath fell through to Susi and Ricky, henceforth to be called Steve and Rachel, to keep confidentiality, and that was a disappointment.  Illness can just be a pain when you had an appointment set up.

     I did have the wonderful privilege of meeting a lady with the code name Raima and her daughter, who previously hadn't been receptive to the message. But now she has been wondering about what is the purpose of all that is around us, and the purpose of God, or whatever lies out there greater than us. She has been praying and has been honest with us, and I am looking forward to seeing her enter the waters of baptism (not invited to yet, but we shall no doubt).      

     And guess what? I encountered another Muslim, who invited us in and we chatted about the two different religions--he had missionaries before. He let us borrow a little Quran and that has been interesting. They believe Christ was only a prophet, that Muhammad is the latest prophet and the one that was speaking to all. It's crazy how different scriptures can mean to different things to people. He is a great person though, and he even showed us how they pray, which was cool.

    The people are wonderful here. Many don't accept at all, but there are those who are ready among them. People are just so different from one another in all aspects and experience, no wonder God can love each one.

    Out here faith is tried. There is much rejection and disappointment, yet miracles that can be seen if one is looking. My faith has been tried, and yet it conquers, and after times of trail of faith, your witness comes, and your faith grows. That makes the weeks go by quickly, and even each day, despite difficulties. That makes the mission great. Also those moments when you get to see how wonderful the gospel could be in the lives of those yet to have it are just magnificent and make your week. There are people to find and bless, how great is the call. To think that you will glimpse back on this time in the eternities really can motivate you when you begin to understand the impact of this short time, and its purpose. It is beautiful. I testify it is joyous and ever worth fulfilling the call of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings to be a missionary. It is great, and I have yet to experience greater. I speak these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Huntsman Spider - Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Dear fellow people of all types,
     It has been wonderful out here. Time just goes by so quickly for each week. On Tuesday my companion and I had seven lessons scheduled with the last one being dinner with a family. Four of those appointments cancelled and yet the day was still a good day. They have you plan out backups for your plans--that saved us big time.
     What I have not noticed until now is that in the scriptures it really discusses how those who served missions in the Book of Mormon times did not have such convenience as we perhaps imagine. I've now seen that there was a lot of teaching where people weren't receptive, even whole cities. And yet the Lord says that if they continue patiently, they will have success. That is ever true here.
     This week we are going to give the "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" lesson to Susi and Ricky. That will be the miracle of this upcoming week, since Susi has been against going to church despite her testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the gospel. She great though and I would love to see her come back to the gospel.
     While my companion and I were taking down a wooden fort thing in a member's backyard for service, I was knocking off a piece of wood and the piece came off, revealing a huge huntsman spider. I was less than an arm's length away when I saw it and I screamed. The member came outside, thinking that one of us was hurt. The spider was huge. Look up a huntsman online and you will understand. Just huge.
Time is short but I want to say I love you all and it will be joyous at our reunion.
Elder Cederlof, Firstborn.