Monday, July 7, 2014

Dear people,
Not much happened this week because we weren't in our area from Sunday evening until Saturday afternoon. We drove up the damaged car to the zone leaders on Sunday so they could take the car up to Sydney on Monday when they went up for transfer meeting. In Sydney the car would be fixed. Tuesday was p-day so we went to a science museum which was cool, including a small tornado and a free fall slide which was fun.
The two following days Elder Ee and I went on trade offs with the District Leader and his companion. Friday was the zone conference with the mission president.  Our new mission president, met with the zone and talked about himself and the goals for the mission.
On Saturday night, as we were at the flat eating and doing weekly planning, I felt like going to the bus stop and seeing if someone was there, and inviting them since all day we hadn't had time to proselyte. It got delayed, but then when we went, there was one person, a young bloke, who was there. It was around eight at night. We started talking to him, and ended up giving him a restoration pamphlet and a   Book of Mormon. We gave him the phone number of the missionaries of the area, and that was an awesome experience. The spirit is amazing how it guides us ever so gently.
I love you all and may you follow the spirit, and do your best to discern the spirit, and then courageously follow the promptings.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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