Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear fellow citizens,

This week has been an interesting week for me. As you may have known, I was transferred to a new area. Now that I have been here a week I can tell you how great it is. The ward, Macarthur Ward, is fantastic. They are very welcoming, even the little ones are--they will go up to the missionaries and shake their hands. It's great. I have been fed heaps, and the food is fantastic. I will definitely be gained some Ks.

We've sisters in our ward, and they are awesome. They give Elder Coats and I rides heaps because we've not a car. For this area, I am really working on memorizing the streets and such, and getting to know the ward so that we can get them involved with the people we are working with. My companion is great. He actually is a whole lot like Elder P.J. Tanner, a member of my prior Utah ward. It's funny how people on the mission resemble people from home.

Being on foot is going to have its challenges, but at the same time it'll be awesome to have such. Members here also, when they see you walking, will lots of times give you a ride, which is very nice of them too.

On Saturday, at night, elders, members, and nonmembers played rugby, me included, on a cricket field in the rain. It had been raining all day so the field was soaking and you'd slide all over. There was a tarp covering the middle of the field for the cricket, and we'd put soap on our bodies and would slide like a slip-n-slide. It was raining the whole time. Fantastic!

A miracle this week was when my companionship went on splits with the zone leaders. Elder Katane, a zone leader, and I went to a member's house in the afternoon. The member had just gone on a late lunch break, and so was home. We were able to visit and share a message about enduring to the end. He then told us how he had needed to hear that and that he never takes such late lunch breaks. That visit was inspired. That was a great miracle I had for this week in Macarthur.

Thanks for all your support, and I'll be trying to learn some Samoan since there are so many Samoans here, so wish me luck. Amen


 Elder Cederlof


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