Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello brothers and sisters,

This week was a great week. We have had great blessings in finding new investigators. A miracle Elder Coats and I had this week involved us going to a former investigator's house. We knocked and asked if the person lived there. It turned out that the last missionaries might have accidentally put the wrong address. The former investigator wasn't there and the man living there had been at the house for a long time. Nonetheless, we asked him about his religious background and his beliefs. He believed in God and read many books. We shortly told him about the Book of Mormon, gave him one, and are going back to meet with him to talk about it. That was a great miracle.

This week in the Book of Mormon I have been reading about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi people and their conversion. It's amazing to think that a people can be so ready for the gospel, even if they are the enemies of the people that currently had the gospel. We cannot judge those who are ready or not as missionaries, but must give each person the opportunity to learn. I have had experiences where the person that doesn't look like they'd want to learn turn out being very receptive and even wanting to learn. That's the amazing thing about the gospel: it's for everyone. It's also so admiresome to see those righteous former lamanites willing to die than slay their brethren, and even more wonderful is the scripture declaring that surely they are with God because of their righteousness, and also about how God brings about salvation to His children. It's a wonderful chapter.

This week with studying about the Doctrine of Christ, I have seen how I should be relating each lesson that I teach to the doctrine of Christ, and by doing so, I will be helping my investigators and less actives to see my purpose as a missionary and what the gospel does for us.

Love you all heaps,

Elder Cederlof

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