Sunday, March 23, 2014

This week has been great! We were able to meet with former investigators, Mirian and Stephanie, and we taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized. Mirian said yes and Stephanie said that she had the concern of wanting to hold onto that faith that she already had. We gave them a passage of Christ speaking in 3 Nephi 27 and we set up a return appointment. It was wonderful.   The ward is great and Bishop Mahanga looked like a true bishop last night when we went to an inactive's house. That was a cool experience.
In my Book of Mormon reading that I read this past week, I've been reading of the Zoramites who left the Nephites and went to another place to worship according to their desires which were wicked. Alma the younger was able to see the humbled people because of their lack of money and such, and spoke unto them, teaching them how to truly worship, and that worship is done beyond the walls of the synagogues. I loved that because it shows that our worshipping God and showing our love to Him should be beyond the walls of the church, and it shouldn't just be on Sunday. All the time we should do that which we'd do in His sight, and each day we should praise Him in prayer and action.

Also, for my reading of the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion, it is amazing how much the Holy Ghost is involved in missionary work, and the more we prepare ourselves to have Him with us, the more we will be tools in God's hands.

Finding is a challenge here, but hey, room to grow eh? The miracle about being here in Macarthur is how nice the people can be here, so the need to extend invitation to those you walk by is huge, and will definitely get you out of your comfort zone.

Love you all,

Elder Cederlof

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