Monday, February 24, 2014


Dear many people,
      This week was transfers. I am no longer in Camberra nor close to it. I am by Sydney. It was very sad to leave the ward. That final Sunday, I was asked to bear my testimony. Tears were shed, and I was able to realize how much I love the people. It came truly when I knew I was to leave them. It's interesting how that is in life. What great blessings we have, and sometimes we don't acknowledge them or undervalue them until that day when we no longer have them. I now feel far more grateful for that opportunity and I will remember them and love them always. I also learned that I need to take more pictures.
      My new companion's name is Elder Coats. He's from Riverton, Utah, and has been out one transfer longer than I. We get along very well. We share a flat with two Samoan elders. It'll be interesting.
      The area I now serve in is Macarthur, which is close to Sydney. I haven't been able to meet any members except for a couple named the Warwicks. They are very nice. The ward is mostly non white, so that'll be a new experience. I am going to need to work on my Samoan now.
     My final lesson that I had in Tuggeranong was Sunday night. It was with Maria, an investigator. I was on splits with Elder Grant. We had a member, who was a less active that became active again, come so that we could teach her and to fellowship. It was an amazing lesson. We found out deeper her concern--if she believes in the gospel, her friends and family will not agree and she may lose friends and such. We were able to teach about God's support and love that she will feel as she strives to know if these things are true. What a great lesson to end my time there.
      There were some good things about moving to another area. I was able to see how wherever I am sent, it will be okay. I am in His service, so wherever I go, it is home to me. It also allowed me to see even deeper how it doesn't matter what we have, but who we are. The things that are forever are the things that matter: family, faith, testimony, etc. and so I was able to see that when I came to Macarthur. The Lord has been so wonderful to me.
     Many things change, but some things don't. My testimony of the Savior and this gospel will never go away, but will grow ever more, and I am so grateful for that. I am happy, and when I serve, I feel like I am achieving my purpose, and serving has no regrets. It is lovely here in Australia and the work is being done. I love you all.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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