Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear people,
This past week in Macarthur was great. We had a wonderful miracle in finding an investigator. Elder Coats and I were walking somewhere and we passed a bus stop that had a covered sitting area. A young girl, looked age fifteen or sixteen, was sitting there by herself. We walked past but then I felt like we should go back and talk to her. At first I was thinking that it was just me, but then I really felt like going back, so I took that one as being from the spirit. I walked over and said hello, introduced myself as a missionary, talked a little about the gospel and what it could do for her, and invited her to learn more about it. She said yes without hesitance. It doesn't end there however. As we were about to resume walking, some little kids and their mother with a friend walked over to the bus station. The mother, Shamsa, we talked to and then I was able to learn about her past and her being around mormon friends before and how she enjoyed them. I testified that the gospel would help her in her circumstances, and asked if we could share more another time. She said yes, gave us her information, and we are looking forward to seeing her Tuesday. That was a great miracle.

This week, my studying is when the sons of Mosiah have left for their missions with the Lamanites. I really enjoy the courage, calmness, and faithfulness of Ammon when he serves King Lamoni, and especially his humility when King Lamoni calls him the "Great Spirit", of which Ammon humbly replies that he's just a man. I also loved the simplicity of Ammon's teaching, and relating it to King Lamoni's knowledge about diety. Very good example of how missionaries should act.

Also this week, I studied in preach my gospel about repentance. I love the whole idea of repentance, when sincere, changing your outlook on your life, God, and your outlook on the world. It truly is vital for all of us, and something that we should shout praises for. What a great blessing to be ever changing, for then we can change more and more to be like Christ. Repentance is a gift, not a punishment.
I love you all!
Elder Justin Cederlof

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