Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week was very good. It involved miracles in finding. You really do need to be bold and courageous in talking to more people because that is where great progress and miracles can come. Several days ago, Elder Howse and I were going to visit a few potential investigators. The first ones weren't home at all. As we were heading to the car, Elder Howse had the phone and someone was calling, so we stood for a minute. A lady from a home that we already tracted saw us and started walking towards the two of us and stopped several meters between us. Elder Howse and I both wanted to say hello and invite her. As soon as we said hello from the distance, she started walking quickly towards us, eager to speak with us. She spoke of how she needed to talk to someone, that she was a christian too, and the stress of her family. We actually did not invite her to learn, but she asked for a pamphlet, our number, and said she'd call us. She also said we could stop by when we were visiting the area. That was a miracle because we hadn't met her when we tracted her house, so we would have never met her.

Another miracle occured less than an hour after that when we were heading to a house that Elder Howse had heard a family with children when we had visited the street before, so it wasn't even a potential, but a potential potential. They weren't home, but as we were at their front door, a red vehicle parked in a house just a few houses away. We decided to visit, and found a wonderful man who had had experience with past missionaries quite the tad ago. He was busy at the moment and week, but gave us his phone number to contact in a few days, and he was happy with us stopping by again. That was another miracle.

Lastly, Elder Howse and I, as we were about to head off for the day in the morning to start proselyting, we saw a man walking on the other side of the street. We got out of the car, headed over to him, and introduced ourselves. He had currently been thinking about what's really out there and we taught a mini lesson right there. We gave him our number and now we are waiting for him to call. It was amazing, miraculous, to have such an encounter. This week was just so full of miracles involving finding.

I studied the role of the Holy Ghost during this past week and especially loved the idea of needing to be courageous in following the spirit. Sometimes I honestly don't know for sure if the spirit is prompting me or if it is just myself, but when I exercise the courage to test it out anyway in faith, I don't regret it. I think that if it was really easy to detect the spirit, my faith wouldn't grow as well than if all I had to do was be easily shown what to do. I can really grow if I am more brave with following promptings, even if I am not sure.

I also have been reading the Book of Mormon in Mosiah when Abinadi is chastising Noah and his priests. I love how Noah and the priests, leaders with power on earth, have no power over Abinadi save God lets them. At first, they have nothing and Abinadi does as needed--to testify against them and preach unto them repentence. Afterwards, God lets Abinadi die, and now Abinadi is in joy with God. We are protected when we have work to do. No man on earth has the power to destroy us. There is no reason for fear when in the service of the Lord. Peace unto us is given.
This week was really great. I wanted to also focus on humility and selfishness. I had great opportunities for both, and I pray for more. Such a purging is taking place out here, and boy do I have a tad to go. It is wonderful. Affliction truly can be consecrated to our benefit and growth. I love you all, and I pray you peace.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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