Monday, January 20, 2014

       This week has been very fruitful. Firstly, we've a new missionary in our flat taking place of Elder Van Orden. His name is Elder Grant. He is an Aussie, and very awesome. He has heaps of church books, including a book about the teachings of Joseph Smith. I read a section about the plurality of gods and my mind was blown. Joseph Smith just has so many amazing speeches and teachings that contrast with his farm boy life before. He definitely was inspired and enlarged.
        We have two people who have agreed to baptism. Elder Howse and I extended one to Gwen, who said it was an "honor" to have us invite her to do such. That was humbling. The other, an african lady named Eustina, also agreed, and we hope that we may see their baptisms before we are transferred. An elderly lady named Sister Perry was very helpful in being a fellowship to Gwen. We do not yet have a female fellowship for Eustina, and fellowship is essentail, so that is one of our goals for this upcoming week.
       A miracle this week was stumbling upon a man whom we encountered a weekish prior. We were tracting, and decided to start at the top of a complex. The first door we knocked on gave no answer, but then my companion felt like knocking another time, and sure enough, John, the man we met earlier, was the owner. He let us in, we talked, gave a lesson, and have met him again already. He has such great faith in Jesus Christ and the bible. He will be difficult to teach and to help, for some of the people who are really focused on the bible and Jesus Christ ironically somehow blind themselves almost in a really hard way to understand. We will definitely be praying that we will teach him with the spirit as the senior companion, and then we'll have a miracle.
      The heat peak was this week, and now it will die down, and Tuggeranong is doing fantastic. I am feeling the spirit, and seeing such areas that could use growth. What a time to refine. I love it.
I love you all. Fairfarren.
Elder Cederlof

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