Monday, February 3, 2014

This week was a great week. I just wish I could remember more of it, but life goes on. There was a great miracle that happened when an unfortunate thing happened. An investigator who seemed golden, and was going to read the Book of Mormon on his honeymoon, ended up not reading it, and having disagreements about the church. It was an unfortunate happening. During that time, we were also teaching another person who also loved the bible, studied it a lot, and was interested in learning about the words of Christ found in the Book of Mormon. When we lost the first investigator, I thought we'd lose the other one too. Miraculously, he didn't care about what happened, but wanted to learn for himself. I was amazed at such a fantastic response.

Now this week of studying about revelation through church attendance, I realized just how much our investigators and less-actives do not understand about the importance of attending church. Some even don't see yet why they need to come to ours, and none others suffice. It's funny how you can be ignorant of something until you study it out, and in this case how much those we are teaching aren't getting the idea of church importance like they should be. It's fantastic how much of an eye opener it was.

In the Book of Mormon I've been studying in the chapters about Noah, Limhi, and now the capturing of the followers of Alma. I love the part about the Lord trying their patience and faith, and that no matter what, if they choose Him, they will be saved. Alma's people contrast perfectly with Noah's people when they are both captured. It relates to us choosing to follow Him and receiving blessings to overcome our afflictions.
Gwen has gone to Melbourne for a month to visit family, so we won't be able to teach her for more than the end of this transfer. Jessie should be coming back soon, so we want to get on that. Besides that all is good and groovy.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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