Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weeks fly by when you are in the service of the Lord

Weeks just fly by when you are in the service of the Lord. This week has had some not ideals, but was a good week nonetheless.  Ian believes that all churches have pieces of the truth that God wishes to give each of them, so we have given him a Book of Mormon and have committed him to reading it and praying about it. Not ideal, but he is ever worth the effort.  Jesse is doing wonderful, and is a progressing investigator. Now we need to commit her to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She enjoys church, and that has been a miracle. Maria is doing well and is just amazingly honest and will ask questions--the best kind of investigator. She's been reading and praying; now we are going to commit her to coming to church.
This week I had the privilege of doing splits down to Merimbula. At one point there is a steep incline till we were at the top of a mountain, and then there was a 10 kilometer descent down the side of the mountain. It was at the cloud level, so it looked like Jurassic Park with the mist.  The pictures of our trip back at night are amazing.

I've short time on the computer but I know that this is the true church. It just amazes me how we are privileged with not only knowing what's currently going on, but what lies eternally in the future. Wow! We must share that, for we know what to prepare for and most don't. Time here is just so short compared to the eternity following. Now we must act. The gospel is not just a good idea, but the truth. Not just a religion to go and worship with others, but the eternal truth of who we are and what reality is. It's just so important. The parable of the pearl of great price is great because we must be willing to sacrifice all we have for this church with Jesus Christ at the head. It will all be worth it. Of that I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
 Elder Cederlof, Firstborn

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