Monday, December 2, 2013

The gospel is Love

This past week was great. I can't remember much about it, and I don't have my old planner which contains this past week but there is some that I can relate and was ever worth writing down.
I was able to give a blessing to the mother of a lady in our ward. That required faith, and I could have been perhaps fearful like in the past, but when that fear was cast out with faith, I accomplished it and I have grown from it.
I was also able to see the hand of God in this week with an other elder who is with Elder Howse and I in our flat. At first, I did not like this elder, and so I turned to the Lord, praying for love towards him. I sought opportunities to serve him, that I may come to love him, like the scriptures say. I was able to do splits with that elder this past Friday, and now I do love him. He's great. We are ever so different, but now I am so happy to have gotten to know him. Now I need to focus on those whom I teach. It is easier to love some more than others, but may we always pray to love them all, for all should be loved, even as we are loved.
The work is centered on love, and without that, what is the point? Is not the gospel love? Is not the greatest commandment about love? Our sure foundation that shall withstand all things must be centered on love--a godly attribute. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have seen the Lord bless me with love towards those I have needed to love more, and I know that by him I can continually grow in love. That is my testimony, and these things I testify of in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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