Sunday, November 17, 2013

Golden Investigator

    This week was magnificent. Such results have not been seen thus far. I can testify that lessons with members can make great difference. Having a member present at a meeting with an investigator named Jesse gave the perfect opportunity to have her be given a ride by them to church. She went to church the same week that we gave our first lesson; that is a miracle; members make all the difference. Just like Alma and Amulek--Alma's words may have been great, but the testimony of Amulek made the difference. So it is the same with missionaries and members.
       There was an extraordinary miracle this week. There is not enough time to write about it, shall do next week, but we received a golden investigator. That experience was a miracle truly, and my faith has grown from that alone. It is amazing how much our eyes, as members, are opened. Truly we can see, and I testify that that is true, and I can see that out here. It's amazing that we'd be given such knowledge. Knowledge here is of here, but Knowledge of God is of all. We can see true purpose beyond anything. It is just amazing. Let it be shared, and not forgotten. I testify that it is a privilege and an honor to proclaim such. These things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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