Sunday, November 10, 2013

Miracles can be seen....if one is looking!

Once again time is crazy here because time flew by this week but I can't believe that I've only been here for a month and a half. So confusing !  But this week has been a good week despite some occurrences. Unfortunately, this week had many appointments that fell through. The plan of teaching about the Sabbath fell through to Susi and Ricky, henceforth to be called Steve and Rachel, to keep confidentiality, and that was a disappointment.  Illness can just be a pain when you had an appointment set up.

     I did have the wonderful privilege of meeting a lady with the code name Raima and her daughter, who previously hadn't been receptive to the message. But now she has been wondering about what is the purpose of all that is around us, and the purpose of God, or whatever lies out there greater than us. She has been praying and has been honest with us, and I am looking forward to seeing her enter the waters of baptism (not invited to yet, but we shall no doubt).      

     And guess what? I encountered another Muslim, who invited us in and we chatted about the two different religions--he had missionaries before. He let us borrow a little Quran and that has been interesting. They believe Christ was only a prophet, that Muhammad is the latest prophet and the one that was speaking to all. It's crazy how different scriptures can mean to different things to people. He is a great person though, and he even showed us how they pray, which was cool.

    The people are wonderful here. Many don't accept at all, but there are those who are ready among them. People are just so different from one another in all aspects and experience, no wonder God can love each one.

    Out here faith is tried. There is much rejection and disappointment, yet miracles that can be seen if one is looking. My faith has been tried, and yet it conquers, and after times of trail of faith, your witness comes, and your faith grows. That makes the weeks go by quickly, and even each day, despite difficulties. That makes the mission great. Also those moments when you get to see how wonderful the gospel could be in the lives of those yet to have it are just magnificent and make your week. There are people to find and bless, how great is the call. To think that you will glimpse back on this time in the eternities really can motivate you when you begin to understand the impact of this short time, and its purpose. It is beautiful. I testify it is joyous and ever worth fulfilling the call of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings to be a missionary. It is great, and I have yet to experience greater. I speak these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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