Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Huntsman Spider - Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Dear fellow people of all types,
     It has been wonderful out here. Time just goes by so quickly for each week. On Tuesday my companion and I had seven lessons scheduled with the last one being dinner with a family. Four of those appointments cancelled and yet the day was still a good day. They have you plan out backups for your plans--that saved us big time.
     What I have not noticed until now is that in the scriptures it really discusses how those who served missions in the Book of Mormon times did not have such convenience as we perhaps imagine. I've now seen that there was a lot of teaching where people weren't receptive, even whole cities. And yet the Lord says that if they continue patiently, they will have success. That is ever true here.
     This week we are going to give the "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" lesson to Susi and Ricky. That will be the miracle of this upcoming week, since Susi has been against going to church despite her testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the gospel. She great though and I would love to see her come back to the gospel.
     While my companion and I were taking down a wooden fort thing in a member's backyard for service, I was knocking off a piece of wood and the piece came off, revealing a huge huntsman spider. I was less than an arm's length away when I saw it and I screamed. The member came outside, thinking that one of us was hurt. The spider was huge. Look up a huntsman online and you will understand. Just huge.
Time is short but I want to say I love you all and it will be joyous at our reunion.
Elder Cederlof, Firstborn.


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