Sunday, October 27, 2013

Members are so important!

The weeks definitely go by faster here. It all feels like one big smear--my memory is whacko since I've been here.

Chris and Elena, we are having difficulty contacting. We did not get their number on our door visit, so we've just been stopping at their house over and over and haven't had success yet. The visits with Susi and Ricky have been good as we have been establishing a habit with them for reading the scriptures each day and having family prayer each day. We got them a calendar and stickers. Ricky was actually excited for that, which made both my companion and I happy.

Last Monday was great because my companion and I, along with a few other companionships, went to visit a reptile zoo. There were awesome snakes and lizards. I was able to have an anaconda on my neck and that was a bit intense. We were able to touch many of the creatures, even a few snakes. They had a cuckooberrow bird, whatever that is, which made the coolest noise.

Transfers were this past week, and I am staying with my companion, with him being made District Leader. Elder Gardner, who's in the flat with us, lost Elder Mautaake and got a lad from Idaho named Elder Van Orden. He's a newby. It is good to still be with Elder Howse especially with the people that we are currently visiting with.

This past week we've been working on visiting members to get them more engaged. What we have yet to do is splits, which no doubt will get the young men involved greatly. There have been members who've been doing missionary work, and it has been wonderful. Not to the point of us teaching investigators from them, but still good, and hopes for the future.

It is good here. Never before have I been so humbled with the acknowledged reliance I need on the Savior and the spirit. The work doesn't move forward when just man teaches and preaches. The spirit is ever so vital. I've been privileged with more investigators from contacting old ones, or potentials, and it has been wonderful. We just really need the ward to be involved. That will greatly help the work. Members are so important. Remember that at home. The missionaries need you more than you think.

Love you all, and see you one day!

Elder Cederlof, Firstborn


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