Monday, October 21, 2013

Faith...and then the Miracle

The longer I have been here, the more I have realized the ideas people have in regards to what religion is. Many profess their belief, but deny likewise. People think that religion is just a guessing game, and therefore picking what they believe on convenience or what suits them, not considering truth. It is sad, for we know that the purpose of church is to find the truths of God and life, not just to congregate and worship, but rather to come to a closer understanding. So many don't believe in church, but rather having faith, believing in Christ, and thus having the full religion and satisfaction of life. There is so much enlightening to be done. There is such need to teach, to preach, to find, to save. This need is domestic as it is foreign, and I loved hearing those who spoke in conference talk about how the missionaries must come together with the members, and how the members can be missionaries, or are rather called to be such already. What great news, to shed light on this darkened world, where religion and church are wrapped in lies and confusion.   

It has been wonderful here, though there are times where it is hard. Faith can even be tried, but following comes the miracles. It is humbling to come out and see the need to rely on the Lord. It has been ever so humbling. Conversion is not by us, but by the Spirit, who is of the Godhead, which I think I didn't put as heavy emphasis on in my life than I should have. Being out here, I've seen more how deeply blessed we are.
My companion and I were blessed as we were guided to two new investigators while walking to another house to visit. We discussed a few things, and then the young man let inside his home where his mother was too. We shared a short message, and are now going to find Burmese or Karen Books of Mormon for them and their family. I pray that they will have the Spirit to guide them in this important step of their lives.

We were also led to a potential investigator who actually arrived back in Australia from Fiji the day that we knocked on her door. We will be visiting her in a couple of weeks after she has settled back in and we hopefully will be seeing her at church. She said that she'd attend.

Currently, my companion and I are trying to find ways to bring us and the members together. We've been visiting members more often, leaving commitments and asking for referrals, but do you have any ideas? 

I testify that I know this church is the true church. We may have times where our faith is tried, but "joy cometh in the morning" regardless if we remain faithful and true to what we know, for that is conversion, and true conversion brings forth the blessings of salvation. Of that I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  

Elder Cederlof


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