Monday, October 14, 2013

"It is written"

The issue with emailing home is that all my days mesh together. I feel like I've been here for months, but also that those months have whipped by, so I am not sure if I repeat myself ever. Time is just weird on a mission. Fortunately, each day is planned out so I can figure out what happened.

So at the beginning of the week my companion and I had another visit with Susi and Ricky. They were struggling with keeping the commitment of everyday studying of the scriptures and praying. We taught a lesson and re-invited them to read and pray. That was Tuesday. Thursday, we weren't planning on visiting, but Susi, Ricky's mother, called and invited us over. Ricky had read the night before and wanted to tell us. We were very excited to hear that. We taught a lesson based on what he read, and talked more on how to get into the habit of reading and praying. What wonderful people they are and these small changes are going to shape them.

Missionary work, as you are all aware, is taking a turn as the call is not anymore for missionaries to go forth, but to go forth with the members at their side. I am reminded of Alma and Amulek.  Alma may have been a called man with great experience and testimony of the Lord, but his duty was only fulfilled by having Amulek to testify, to be a second witness of the truth spoken of by Alma.

It is great because my companion and I are trying to figure out how to get the ward involved. I went into General Conference with that question in mind. Now I have the resources to find my answer. Diligent studying and pondering  will reveal further light and knowledge that is and will be vital to this mission. The talks are getting interesting. It seems that they are now focusing on everyone needing to testify and that we are about to face darker, greater storms in the days ahead.  A testimony must be shared or it is lost like the muscles in the body.

As to the new potential investigators, there is an issue of coming to their houses when they are home. We were able to visit a potential investigator named Chad. He has kidney failure or something like that because three days a week he has his blood cleaned through machine for four hours and he puts in the needles himself--gives me the butterflies just thinking about it.

General Conference was wonderful. I saw it only yesterday and the day before, for here it is shown a week after. The power there was great. The spirit dwelled in that meeting. It is great to have this recorded. Remember how Christ spoke, while being tempted by Satan, "it is written"? I believe that is applicable this very moment. We will have temptation and harsh times, but we have the words of this General Conference, which is scripture, and we can use it, for "it is written".

I testify that God lives, and dwells on high, and that we may be below, but well within His sight. It is great to know that "Though some of the sheep may wander, the eye of the Shepherd is upon them, and sooner or later they will feel the tentacles of Divine Providence reaching out after them and drawing them back to the fold." (Orson F. Whitney). What great comfort it is to know the truth. May we be converted by acting in accordance to the truths we know, this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Cederlof

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