Monday, October 7, 2013

Tracting - not as scary as you think!

     I am soon coming to being here for three weeks. It has been wonderful. Tracting is not as scary as you think. I actually look forward to it. Even if the people aren't interested, you still enjoy talking to them. Me and my companion have had great success with tracting. From it, we've handed out two Books of Mormon. The first man, Rhammel, was very interested--here's the miracle: we knocked on the door and he came to get it and we talked and he expressed interest and wanted the book and even was willing to pay but of course we gave it for free, and it turns out that the house was his sister's. He lives among his siblings and just happened to be at her house and answered the door though not the host. There are many miracles out here.

     The other time we handed out a Book of Mormon, we were making a return appointment to a house we had tracted earlier with the wife answering and expressing interest. When we got there, she wasn't home, but the husband was and had interest as well and so we gave him the book and he said he'd read it.
     Those games of Laser Tag for Mischele's birthday really paid off.  For our zone P-day, we headed out to a laser tag place. The zone was separated into 3 teams, of which would verse each other in the arena. I was DragoN on red team. My team won all 3 games that we played. I also got first place out of everybody score wise! It was way fun.
    Well if I have not mentioned earlier, I have two 13 year old kids with baptismal dates. There's that issue with going to church, for their mothers aren't for it for different reasons. Please pray for them.
     It's been great here. It can be hard, but forever worth it. I have tried Vegemite, which tastes like extremely salty soy sauce, and have eaten kangaroo meat as a burger. It tastes good but beef is far better. US beef is better than the beef here but the chocolate is better here in my opinion.
I love you all and miss you all. Fairfarren.
Elder Cederlof, Firstborn

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