Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Mommy,

The week wasn't the most productive with lots of cancellations, but we were able to meet with a recently new investigator named Miranda so that was good. I am still with Elder Hixson and the flat is the same. Lots of changes outside the district though, and now it's just my companionship and the other two sister companionships, Elder Gardner and Elder Katoa are no longer in my district which is a bummer. We are still looking for a host for Christmas skyping. Our ward just isn't the greatest when it comes to being involved with the missionaries, but we'd prefer doing the skyping on our boxing day, being your Christmas. Also, big concern, due to this nation being 1st world and lacking the hick look from the crocodile guy, there are no nativities that I've been able to find that show any resemblance of coming from Australia. I was told that if there was any, it would be obtainable from the internet. So do you still want me to get one that looks like a normal one not showing any Aussie touch to it? I did find Christmas ornaments, one for each of the munchkins. I sent out Christmas gifts. The swimmers are for Dad's B day and the rest is the ornaments and then what's left is for the family.

Thanks so much for the Christmas tree cloth and I am quite enjoying the calendar because of each new picture of Christ plus I do the study that is written on there for personal study. I'm definitely keeping that when I come home. Back to skyping. We will shoot for around nine o'clock in the morning here, which should be five in the evening for you.
Time is horridly short, I had this week and last week to view and type about, but love you so much, Mom, and I look forward to skyping. Hopefully you catch an accent in my voice. Will sent lots of pictures next week.


Elder Justin Cederlof

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