Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dear mom,
Time is very short.  I only have an hour for email due to scheduling and I had to take a missionary survey for about 40 minutes of it so I've got to be quick. As for the baptism, Tim has a few things to get over, so we've moved the baptism to the 4th of January, and he wanted to do it so he could be more prepared - he's wonderful. The 20th is a date that'll definitely be changed since she hasn't been coming to church and she's a few obstacles to get over, but she is also wanting to be baptised so much, it's fantastic. And tell Cynthia that I say "hello!" and that it's great that telling my studies has helped her.  I did get both packages with the great pondering of Christ calendar, the tree on the fabric, and presents.  Both decorations are really nice. The calendar is really good and I will definitely be using that down the road.
This week has been great! We were able to visit a lot of our investigators, re-establish the date for Tim, and able to see Vanessa, the investigator with the 20th baptismal date, since our phones were having trouble. I enjoy being district leader, and next Monday is transfers, so I will be emailing on Tuesday. I will be a little nervous if Elder Hixson, my companion leaves the area, since then it'll all be up to me and I've only been here for a transfer, of which this is one of the fastest transfers I've had for the mission; went by so quick. Besides that I can't think of anything else. For my studies now I am starting from the beginning of the Book of Mormon (I've finished) and marking each verse or part of the verse that testifies of the love and mercy and things about Christ that are why I love Him or how one can come to love Him. After hearing the apostles talk about how they've come so close to the Savior through the Book of Mormon, I've wanted to have that same experience. There is so much in the scriptures, especially in 1st Nephi, that testifies and talks about Christ. The Christmas calendar is awesome too about how it brings you closer to the Savior.
You are an amazing mother, and I cannot forget that, even being far away and having not seen you in person for  15 months. You have been a great example to me and someone I can look back on for help in my roles, whatever they may be.

Take care and love you so much!


Elder Justin Cederlof

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