Monday, December 1, 2014

This week we were indeed able to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was awesome. No members were celebrating, but missionaries can do great things when given the motivation. This past week wasn't so successful in regards to numbers of lessons, but this upcoming week will be great because of that which we did this past week. I have finished the Book of Mormon and so I am going to read it again with a focus on the Savior, marking all the good verses with Him mentioned. I can't believe how much He is mentioned in just the first several chapters of the Book of Mormon.

I am loving the area and it's great to have three sets of missionaries because there are so many members and the area is quite large. Elder Hixson and I are still waiting on bicycles, but walking is still good. There is definitely potential in the area, and we need to get these non progressing members to get moving along. And to do such, I will really need to do all I can and have the spirit in the lessons. I am continuing to enjoy being a district leader. I went on a trade off with Elder Katoa, a Tongan missionary in my district, and that was awesome because I was able to understand him more and to see how he is doing as a missionary.

I am now on only nine months left, but I am continuing to love the mission more and more, and when I leave it will feel like I am leaving home. The members are great. But I love that here even with the inconveniences and difficulties, you come to know the Savior more and more, and nothing can stop you. The end goal is continually in mind as you are thinking of it for your investigators, and then you see more how you can get closer and then you see the happiness that comes from this gospel and the restoration. I love it. This is the life of fulfillment, so I need to make sure that  I carry on in helping people beyond the mission. Oh how great it is to know the truth, to be able to understand such great things, and to know them. I am so grateful and can't wait to learn and understand and follow more. The mission is amazing and is the opportunity of the eternities.

Love you so much, Mom, and thanks for the pictures of family. Landon and Melissa look like they are doing great, though Landon can pull some evil faces, like in the zoo photos..creepy. Love all of the family and take care til next week.

Elder Justin Cederlof
The chess pieces are at the library. I lost but it was awesome.

Thanksgiving Dinner

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