Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dear Mom,

I am doing great, and tell the little ones that I won't be able to respond back to them today because email time was cut in half since there's a lot of stuff going on today, but tell them that I love them and they are great and that it was awesome to see how much they've grown up. As for our investigators, T is working on preparing himself, just some challenges to get over. We are thinking of what to do with V, she's a bit weird and she doesn't respond to our texts or picks up our calls; we might just swing by. Our investigators are doing okay, just need to get in contact again. This past week was busy with going through the ward list to figure out who is there and who's not, and figuring out those who don't want contact with the church and want their names removed. So it was good because we found some more members, being less actives, to visit.

My companion and I are doing well. I feel like I have grown while being with him, so that's a good thing. I enjoy being district leader because it helps me to bear testimony and teach other missionaries. I enjoy it. Developing faith to find has been good since we found a potential investigator a couple days ago, and she was trying to find out which church is true. We're going to stop by again in this week or perhaps the next one, but that was a miracle since I prayed that day to have someone needing to be approached to be watering their garden. Sure enough I saw a man watering, so I stopped the bike (we've bikes now) and talked, then his wife came out, and gave us water, and she's the one that wants to know which church is true. She had to go inside so we couldn't talk, but we'll be stopping by again.
Gotta go but love you Mom and happy 2015!

Elder Justin Cederlof

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