Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dear Mom,
I am doing quite well today, and I enjoy my new companion. He's 27, from New Zealand, and has a desire to make an impact in this area.  We were able to get in touch with T, and he said he's come to church this upcoming Sunday so we are going to hold him to that. We need to see him this week though or else I feel that will fall through as well.  We gave a Book of Mormon to S and committed him to read it. He's willing to learn and wants truth so we testified that he could know that this church has great truth and that he could know from reading the Book of Mormon. For M, we see her regularly, but she needs help getting the desire to come to church. We'll be teaching her about it in our next visit.
I am really enjoying riding the bikes around because now we can do much more and go greater distances. And it does get far easier the more you do it. And I love how now we look like the iconic image of missionaries:  young men in shirts and ties on bikes. But the work is going well. We really want to do more finding because Elder Pearson of the Area Presidency said there were many to find. And so that's our goal for this transfer.
And this past week was really good because we were able to teach a lot of lessons, around 13, when the week before was 3. We were just really focusing on getting lessons, and it worked quite well.
I am loving the mission and boy are there a lot of things to learn but it is coming along and I am feeling ever so privileged to be here. You are an amazing mother and I love being your son. I will continue to work and to even work harder to make you proud and the Lord. Love you always.

Elder Justin Cederlof


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