Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Mom,
Boy am I a bit tired, but for great reason. Today we went to the temple, the first time in my mission! It was lovely and I have many pictures to send but I came to the library, looked in my bag, and realized that I must have left my white cord at the flat for some reason. Super bummer. I've pictures of me at the temple. It's pretty small, but lovely and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was great to finally go. We did a session at around nine o'clock, and had to leave our flat at six, so I woke up at five and I am feeling it at the moment but worth it all the way. It was a great experience.

This past week we also had Elder Pearson of the Quorum of the Seventy come and visit our mission. Our zone of missionaries and two others came together near the mission home to hear him speak. He spoke of many great things, especially with how we need to extinguish doubts, to starve them, and to go forward with faith in Christ.
This past week was good, for M is doing well and has been praying both in the morning and at night everyday. We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read everyday as well. We are seeing her this week. The potential couple we knocked this week but they weren't home. We'll hopefully stop by again this week. That was a great find. We received a referral from an investigator's wife and that was good. Wasn't home when we knocked, but we'll be trying again, perhaps tonight.

T is having a hard time and didn't come to church this week. Keep him in your prayers: T M. We want to teach him that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and recommitting him to read and pray everyday.
We'll that makes the week, the highlight being the temple today. The mission is great. Even on the harder days it's still great.

Love you, Mom, take care, and you are a wonderful example to me.
Love,  Elder Justin Cederlof

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