Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Mom,

It's just me and Elder Ee in that huge area, separated by other missionaries by three hours. We've actually been pretty occupied and haven't spent an entire week here, with trips going up north. This week we are heading up to have zone training meeting and trade-offs. We have been to a few of the members' houses which has been good, and one, Brother Sam Parker, is helping us with Cassandra, who needs it. To find people, the area has pretty much all been tracted, so by street contacting and referrals shall we do our finding. No one yet but nonetheless we'll keep up that.

It's so weird to think of all my cousins now never being like they were before. Everything is altering. The boys are serving missions, and we'll all get married which is weird and Darla, Ashley no doubt before I get home, Ashlyn, and Hannah. Whew life's not too constant is it? For the better though. I must say that I have grown a lot, but oh my what great improvement needing to be done. It's downright insane. My eyes have been so opened out here. You really wouldn't learn those things outside of a mission. It's just so mind blowing, no words do suffice.

Thank you mother for volunteering to be my mother, and for your grace and kindness that you've given unto me. It's influence shall influence me towards my children and my wife. You are wonderful.
Elder Justin Cederlof

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