Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Mom,

We had some inconveniences this Tuesday, which was our p-day because of Monday being the queen's birthday and greater chance of people being home. This past week was good. It was interrupted because we had a zone training meeting on Friday, and so Elder Ee and I headed up two nights prior to do trade offs with the district leader for Thursday, had the meeting Friday, and got to Merimbula in the evening Friday. I was able to see a couple of members from Tuggeranong which was pretty cool. Eve is one of our investigators that we are working with in Merimbula and we visited her, invited her to church, and she should be coming this Sunday, which will be fantastic! Cassandra is having some medical issue and so we are going to have to postpone her baptismal date because she hasn't been coming to church, with church being a requirement for baptism. Eve is our most progressing investigator. Finding here is very hard, but at least we do have people to work with. Fortunately there is joy in inviting, even if the people downright turn you down and say they're not interested. At least giving them the chance is great.

I love the quote you put by Elder Holland because there are those days that you look at glumly, knowing that the day isn't going to be too enjoyable, but hey, if it wasn't easy for the Lord, can we expect roses and lollies? But it's worth it always.
That's so exciting that Jacob Tibbits has put in his papers! And that's weird to think that Abby Sommer is of age: just so young. I haven't been to the temple yet and being in Merimbula, I won't be going anytime soon. In regards to loneliness in Merimbula, not really. I haven't ever felt lonely really. I guess that having an awesome companion attributes to that.
My area's good, though difficult, and there definitely can be progress made. What an opportunity to grow down here at the coast.
Love you ,
Elder Justin Cederlof

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