Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dear people,
I cannot remember if I sent one of these last week, so forgive me if there be any repetition. I am now serving in Merimbula, south of Camberra, but still in the Camberra zone. It's going to be a hard area. When I saw that I was being sent there, I was disheartened. But then President Palmer, our beloved mission president, spoke unto the missionaries at the transfer meeting. He spoke of the power of revelation and how he received revelation for where we were suppose to serve for the transfer. The spirit was there. I saw that I should be delighted for wherever the Lord sends me, for He chose it with purpose, and wants me to represent Him there. It's far better than me choosing with the lack of knowledge I have alone. I love the area now and the members are fantastic. My companion is Elder Ee, and he is Malaysian.
We had an inspiring conference where one of the area presidency spoke. There were many things I learned. A great one of such is to cast aside the young single adult part of me, and focus on my purpose as a missionary. And I also learned, though it wasn't spoken, that I need to show the Lord that He can depend on me to carry out His work wherever He may have me be. It was so inspiring to sit and listen to their words.
The mission is wonderful. The nine months I've been out (9 exactly tomorrow) have gone by like a dream. What matters is that it isn't a past of regrets, but of accomplishments. Truly the small and simple things will bring the great things to pass. I love you all and thank you for your support and love.
Elder Justin Cederlof

Justin's new companion, Elder Ee


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