Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Yous,
       This week was fantastic with the zone conference and stake conference that I was privileged in attending. The zone conference is done by the mission president and his assistants, who are missionaries. Camberra zone had this conference on Friday. Stake conference was on Saturday for two sessions, and one on Sunday. Elder Pearson from the Quorum of the Seventy spoke in all three sessions. He was fantastic. He really emphasized on members "awakening" and stepping up in missionary work. He spoke of the opportunities for members to get involved - not just going to friends, but even strangers. He spoke of the need to take opportunities in the general places, such as a shopping mall, the park, and such. He also spoke of the constant need for members to be looking for those opportunities for a person "cannot see what they aren't looking for" and so by putting missionary work as a member as a priority, a member can fulfill their missionary duty. It was truly an inspired stake conference.
      This week we had a focus on going through our phone and calling those names that we weren't familiar with. Miraculously, many of them were good with having us come over, such as potential and former investigators. I was amazed at the finding on the phone that we were able to do. It also helped me get out of my comfort zone, because I didn't ever like calling people on the phone, especially non members, and I have come so far now.
       Transfers are coming up. I think that I will be leaving Tuggeranong and Camberra to head up to the Sydney area. Hopefully during that transfer I will be able to go to the temple. I haven't been so far.
      I studied chapter 10 from Preach My Gospel, which is all about teaching skills. I never realized the amount of teaching skills beyond knowing the doctrine and having good social skills. There is so much in there, and the more I study it, the better I teach and have the spirit and have the guidance of the spirit. It's marvelous. I've also been studying a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" which is all about how to become the true servant of the Lord. The biggest thing in there is the need to give up your will. What a ponderous idea that just amazes me. That is what I will be shooting for this next transfer. This talk also showed how we should follow the Lord's will and not our own because "it's the intellectual thing to do" which is quite humbling. So those days that I do not want to be diligent or whatever, I must do it anyway because it is the intellectual thing to do, because the Lord would have me do it, and I trust Him and want to do His will, not mine. That was really profound to me. That strengthened my testimony and forever will.
Elder Justin Cederlof


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