Thursday, September 12, 2013

Still here....

Dear All, 

      If you have not received the news yet, here it is: I am still in the MTC because my visa has not yet arrived. In fact, I have a re-assignment until it does. I will know that re-assignment by the end of this day, Thursday.  How much longer I will be in the MTC, I know not. This week was actually an extra week--It was planned that I'd be leaving last Sunday. It is all right however. 

      I think the MTC is an experience that cannot be simulated. I have learned such mighty things, have felt the might of the spirit, and now can declare the word far better than if I hadn't come. 

     We have had some unexpected things happen. In our residence hall on our floor, which is our "zone" or group that we associate with, there is an Elder with autism. He is very awkward and has some emotional issues. His companion struggles with patience with him--man what patience is needed. He has had fits and such but since my district, or the elders in my dorm, were delayed another week, we were able to help the other district with the problem. We all felt like this was a reason we did not leave last Sunday.

   I love you all and can't wait to tell you my re-assignment. Until then, Fairfarren!


 Elder Cederlof

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