Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello everybody,

This week was pretty good. In the beginning of the week we were able to stop by and do service for a member family's adopted daughter who lives with them along with her two daughters. We’ll be stopping by tonight for family home evening and hopefully we'll start setting times to visit and teach. 

Near the end of the week was great because we were doing finding in Eden, south of Merimbula, and the second house we knocked on had his father in the hospital and wasn't having the best of time. We sympathized with him and told him about the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being able to help him, and to help him know that there is a God out there and that he can know for himself. We gave him a Joseph Smith pamphlet and will be stopping by sometime this week or next to see how he is doing. That was really cool.

We were also able to plan to teach at a fireside for the stake young men's camp. Most came too late for us, but we were able to hold the fireside for a good bunch of them. We taught on the young men's theme: "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness" or something like that (it's the beginning of a verse found in Moroni 10). That was a great experience because the spirit was there. I just hope the young men now feel more engaged in the gospel. 

We also had the opportunity to take some of the young men on rescue visits to less actives and those confined to homes.  I took one young man with our Elder's Quorum President and another leader and his car full, to visit the Gillies who are in a nursing home. It turned out that Sister Gillies was ill and so Brother Gillies and many of the occupants of the nursing home heard us sing some hymns in one of the eating rooms, with me playing the piano. We then talked to the elderly afterwards. It was great nonetheless. 
I learned this week the beauty of the scriptures and the important teachings found therein. I am studying and writing down all the doctrines which are discussed, so that I don't miss any. It really helps me read intently and I hope to find wonderful truths from it. This church is true and I've seen mighty miracles to prove so, especially when it comes to finding. The Lord is at the helm, and I serve as a privilege. He loves all of us, and I speak these things in the Savior's blessed name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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