Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wow - What a view!

Dear Mom,
Yeah we were in a hurry so I sent only four photos, and I am sending one attached to this, but that was a hike, or bush walk as they call it, with some members. The baby is Alexander, and is the cutest baby ever - super disappointed that we aren't allowed to hold them. The others are members except the older lady who is a mother of Sister Mandi, an American from Colorado, who lives here with Brother Sam, an Aussie. They're awesome, and the Shoobridges are really awesome. We are going to go on another hike with them today and with the returned missionary/branch mission leader Jared. He's awesome too. He served in New Zealand, but not in Andrew's mission unfortunately. I'll have to definitely get a picture of the Shoobridges for you. Such a great family.  

This past week was very good, though we weren't able to see Eve and Ben Daniel. Eve is still recovering, though we are shooting to see her this upcoming week and same with Ben Daniel, since he is not working this week. We were able to stop again at Gordon's place to give him the "Faith in Christ" DVD but he wasn't there so we left it in the door. We really want to help him to see the relevance for him or else we will have to drop him. We dropped Brandon. The mother came out and told us that they have the JWs visit twice a week and so that's enough for them. It's such a bummer to see people get deceived like that. 

I am doing well though and will miss the area when I leave, I have five weeks til the next transfer so I should be safe. We had a miracle find which was pretty cool. Her name is Nola, and it was truly amazing and inspired. I enjoy my Albanian companion and he cooks lots of food, so I am putting on weight which is just awful but better than starving. But enough about me, my life's the same, good though. How are you? How are the two little people? I will send Melissa an index card in the mail for her. That was a very good idea to have the people do that by the way. I really hope she gets diving into the scriptures. I've been doing some study and that has been good. I am still studying the general conference talks. There are some really good things from each one of them. 

My testimony grows every day and I keep learning just how much our Father in Heaven loves us and why I should love them. It's great. I haven't been to the temple yet, one year now since landing in Australia, so boy I can't wait until I do. 

Love you so much, Mom, and I love getting your emails and the beautiful pictures of you and the family!
Elder Justin Cederlof

P.S.  This past week we had a wonderful miracle. We were on our way home from giving the sacrament to an elderly couple in a nursing home and as we were leaving I felt the impression to go tracting. I thought, “It's getting late when you usually don't tract, but where should I?” And the thought came to my mind: a pink house with white flowers. I thought that was interesting and actually thought I just thought that and not from the spirit. Well as we are driving I notice a pink house with white flowers on a hill on a different street, and I was thinking: what if..? And so I turned the car around, we knocked, lady opened, and we shared about our church. She was interested and actually had felt like staying home that night, and a little bit before we came to the door she felt that someone might be knocking that night. Cool as!! That was really nice. The Lord works in great ways, even by telling me exactly what house he wants to be visited. Shows you that the Lord's hand is in the work. 

P-Day Bush Walk

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