Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dear people,
Not much happened this week, but one marvelous thing was the branch activity where we did sports and had a barbecue. We are doing it fortnightly and a potential investigator, Lisa, came along. She loved it and will be coming along with her husband. This activity allows the members to bring friends, who we get to see and talk to, and get to know them so they feel more comfortable with us inviting them to learn, and also it's far better than just knocking doors.
I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting. I spoke on the talk by Elder Allen F. Packer called "The Book". I actually learned quite a lot from it. It is about the vitality of members doing family history work and temple work. I will definitely be doing those things when I get home. I highly, highly recommend, exhort, whatever, that you read it. It is amazing what it teaches. 
I come to know over and over that our Savior loves us. He watches out for us, even when we seem to be alone. Our ancestors love us and need our help. The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about proxy, with the atonement being the greatest example.
I love you all,
Elder J. Cederlof

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