Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's a Picture Week!

Beautiful Merimbula!

First Snow!

Elder Osmeni and the first snow I've seen in Australia - we were both super excited.
It was on the way down to our area, Merimbula, from Canberra. 


1st Zone Leader, now Assistant to the President

Dear World's Greatest Mom,
So Elder Balenaveikau is Fijian, and was the only Fijian down here. We had gotten a not so nice racist letter at the door of our flat, telling him to get out of there. The second one, and the last straw to which we called mission president, was along the lines of "we're coming after you" or something like that with not so good racist name calling. So he went up north and I got Elder Osmeni, the Albanian. That was sunday night we got the second one. We left the next morning up to Canberra. Wasn't the most fun p-day. He's okay. 
Elder Osmeni is from Albania, which is on the other side of the Adriatic sea from Italy. It's by Macedonia. He's a chef and worked before he came out at a five star hotel. So far he's been the cook, and I am glady stepping aside. He's been introduced to the members of the branch and talked a little about himself when bearing his testimony at sacrament meeting. This week we actually didn't really get to see our investigators. They were all not home or busy or whatever. Eve is now out of the hospital and is just resting and waiting for her results from the testing at the hospital. We left a note for her at her house. 
Even though the work here is very slow, I love it here and there is great potential. Right now the focus is the friends of Brother Shoobridge who have attended that game night thing. We were able to catch one of them in the parking lot of Woolworths (grocery) and talked about his beliefs and gave him a Book of Mormon, and since we knew him, it was easy to talk to him and talk about the church. 
Well, today we are going to build sandcastles at the beach. Time will come short when we aren't allowed at the beach so taking advantage while I can. 
Love you, thanks for the ring, and tell Melissa she's awesome and I am so excited for her baptism!
Elder J. Cederlof


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