Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear whomsoevers,
This was a good week. My companion and I have gotten our best key indicator actual for other lessons, and that was good. Key indicators really help you focus for the week. Goals, goals, goals--by what other way is there better achievement?
This week has been great as we have been able to make visits with potential investigators and turn them into investigators. A man named Puteho, found in our former investigators, was called by me. Now I am not good at calling people on the phone, but through prayer, I called, was still not so great, but he still wanted to have us come over. What a miracle there.

Gwen is doing good. Boy can she talk; she has the history to talk about. She's just so well rounded even with the unfortunate happenings in her past. She is golden, and I am looking forward to seeing her get baptized. Unfortunately, Jessie, another golden investigator, is up north with family for a few weeks, so we won't be visiting with her for longer than desired.
Maria is still doing great. She's a little bit shaky about the idea of being baptized, but we talked about it more, discussing its purpose and why she would want it, and she is looking at it far better than before. She loves to read the scriptures; she does it at work even. She'll be a great member. Bummer is that she won't go to my ward, but another one due to circumstances.

Thanks for all your prayers. Prayer works so much. My prayers are answered. I see my fellow missionaries receiving answers. He listens to us. It is so humbling to think that he would take consideration of me to listen and answer. How precious I must be, which means, how precious others must be to Him. No wonder we are to love one another. What greatness lies ahead.  May we keep that in mind.
The work is going forward. What a privilege to be here, for forever shall I remember it, and forever are the blessings from it. Keep in mind the eternities that lie ahead, for they will come and yield the blessings by our action of each day. However worth it is this work. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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