Wednesday, April 8, 2015

S is doing well, though there have been some challenges with him this past week with his partner, but it's getting better. We had an awesome meet up with a potential named M, who we met at S's a while back and had given him reading material. He was at N's place when we showed up this past Sunday, and he wanted to meet up with us. He had been reading the pamphlets and we'll be seeing him tomorrow. We are continually teaching N, and we have him a blessing to help him overcome his addictions.
At ward council we brought up our concerns with the ward and asked of their concerns with us and that helped the ward council and missionaries get more unified, so now we understand more our role with them and they understand what we are seeing with the ward.

T hasn't been answering his phone as of lately, but we are still trying to get in contact with him.
I WON'T BE ON FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOTHER, WHEN THAT DAY COMES. I have your happy face on the calendar. I won't ask how old you are turning ha, but I'm thinking I've got a pretty sure idea. Love you so much!
The ward is alright, we are starting those home teaching and rescue night tradeoffs so that will help us get involved with the ward more. I am just bummed that things are rolling better, yet in two weeks is transfers, and I'll probably leave, so that will be a bummer for me. I'd gladly stay in this ward for another transfer, but whatever the Lord wills.

How is the scripture reading coming along?
Love you so much, Mom, happy birthday, glad you enjoyed Arizona - did you see Hannah and her husband? - And take care!!
Elder Justin Cederlof

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