Monday, April 20, 2015

Final Transfer to.....Cowra!

Dear People,
I have been transferred. It is  sad that I'll be leaving the ward that I've come to love along with the investigators we were working with, but I am looking forward to this new area. It's called Cowra and it's in the country, far as from Sydney. It took hours to get there so say goodbye to city people. I've loved it so far and my new companion is from Saratoga Springs, Utah, and his name is Elder Smith. 
I was actually able to meet some members and a non member family and a couple recent converts the evening I arrived which was fantastic. I love the area and the branch and the people already. The place has heaps of potential and I'll be excited to work here for the next four months. I should be dying here, mission-wise of course. It's getting cold so it's time to take out the coat. I hear that it snows in a place about an hour from here, not here though, thank goodness. It'll be great though. 
You are all awesome. One great thing I've learned from the mission so far is how amazing and how important, priceless, people are. People last forever. Families last forever. They are the true treasures. No wonder God cares so much about us, and I can't comprehend how much He truly loves us. It makes me wonder how much do I underestimate the importance of what I do here, how I reach out to others, how I use my time, for all things have their influence, and time is so short compared to infinite and eternal effects from what happens in that small, pathetically small,  amount of time on this earth. Church is true, and ever true. Change is fantastic because it reveals those things that don't change, such as God, His Son, and the gospel, which will always reach out to the individual, priceless, soul. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
Love you all! And happy April ending. 
Elder J. Cederlof

Japanese gardens in Cowra

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