Friday, February 13, 2015

It has been good this week in Campbelltown. Though we are now on foot and using the bus, we were able to see quite a few people and were able to talk to Miranda and Tim. Tim we called when we got to his house and he wasn't there. He has had people from work tell him things about our religion and so he's been shaken a bit from it. When he called it was a drop call where he said he wanted to find out on his own. But we were able to talk to him and testify to him that he will find out if he prays. By the end of the conversation we were able to commit him to pray and ask God if it is true. It's a funny thing how the other religions don't tell you to do that. But when he gets his answer that will be great. We are going to follow up on him with that this week.
As for Miranda we are working with her. Her health is now in the way of her getting to church, so we'll be talking to our mission president and asking what we should do. She still reads and prays and wants to be baptized so we aren't giving up.
Another person we saw this week was a less active named Darryl. He hasn't been to church for over a year. He suffers from anxiety. We have talked to him and have committed him to come to church this upcoming Sunday and he is still for it. He's nervous and all, especially with the anxiety, but we assured him that nothing bad will happen and at the end of it he will not regret it, but will be happy that he did it. I really liked that because I related it to missionary work. We shouldn't let any fears drive us in missionary work because we know that during it nothing bad will happen, for we are on the Lord's errand. And secondly, at the end we will be grateful and happy that we did it. There is no sad or bad ending to doing missionary work or any efforts. That was something I learned while teaching him.
The rest of the week was good. We are focusing on getting members on the missionary-work bandwagon and if they all are then they will become a united ward.
Love you so much, Mom, and I hope you have a lovely week!
Elder Justin Cederlof

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