Monday, February 2, 2015

Dear Mom,
I am doing good. That sounds like out of getting a dog, you've been given the perfect one, and great to hear that Landon and Melissa love her. T is struggling but we are still seeing him. It's hard for him to give up some things, but we are working on helping him to see that what the gospel has to offer is infinitely worth more than those things he would give up in becoming a disciple of Christ. Elder Thomas is a great missionary and we've been able to get to work and Miranda has a baptismal date which is the 21st but will probably move to the 28th since we've stake conference and a conference with Elder Pearson and Elder David A. Bednar around that time. She came to church yesterday and that was awesome. As for Samah we didn't see him last week - wasn't feeling up for it the day we had scheduled - but we'll be stopping by this week and will talk about his reading of the Book of Mormon. As for those heaps of lessons we had visited lots of members and less actives which we didn't get to last week with getting Elder Thomas and then us cleaning the flat for an inspection on it, but we are going to work hard this week, though sad news is that Elder Thomas's bike got stolen from our flat. T'was not in the garage, but under a covered part of the drive way. It was a planned occurrence because they knew our schedule and where the bikes were, so for now we'll be on foot or bus. That'll make things harder, but we'll work with what we've got. Besides that the weeks have been really good. How's your time been besides all of the different things you've been doing?
Love you Mom, and hopefully I'll be able to send you pics.
Elder Justin Cederlof 


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