Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear people,

I really don't know how to address yous, and I'm running out of ideas. Elder Balenaveikau is great and unfortunately has been sick since the day after we spent a full day back in our area after transfer. Thursday to Saturday were stay at home study days. That was the first time that I was bored in the mission. Studying is great and all, but whew, for three days in a row, challenge. I did learn a lot and I received some great insights to my patriarchal blessing and questions in regards to scriptures, which was an answer to my prayers. 

Sunday we had seven adults and around ten kids at church. Lots of sick people. I'm a survivor though. We were able to visit Ben Daniel after church which was great, and we have him planned for Thursday with helping him with service. That pretty much sums up the week, but I truly learned how wonderful the scriptures are and the truthfulness of the church with the heaps of extra time I was able to have.
Elder Cederlof

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