Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My week was good because we were able to visit a lot of people and plus we were able to go on splits with the elder's quorum president and another member. Our elder’s quorum president is awesome!
I also learned a lot this week spiritually. I have come to understand one of the reasons perhaps that I have come on a mission. I am not sure exactly why Australia, but the fact that it is Australia leads to the idea that this is a harder mission than others, plus there's some disobedience in our mission compared to others. But at that time those disobedient missionaries get baptisms and such while I have not baptized anyone. While I used to think sadly of that, and it is indeed a deep desire for me to baptize someone, I have come to better understand what really matters in the mission, and that is coming to know that what you are doing is pleasing to the Lord and that you are doing all you can to follow His will, accepting obvious imperfections that we all have, yet patiently enduring and going forward with firm hope. My outlook on missionary work has changed recently and I have come to trust in the Lord and Heavenly Father far more, and am coming to understand how I can trust Them more. I feel far more content with the missionary work that I am doing, while at the same time trying to push myself.

With transfers Elder Gardner left which is a big bummer, but at the same time now I am quite okay with whatever the Lord sees fit to do, so I am one hundred percent okay with staying with Elder Thomas. I am one hundred percent okay with the Lord moving Elder Gardner, and now I am coming to feel far more content with whatever the Lord does. I have come to understand more that we are not in control. The Godhead is in control. They are at work, and They are the key to people's conversion. I just need to show the Lord my availability and dependability with whatever I can give. That's me for the week.

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