Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Mom,
This past week was good. We are still trying to meet up with people on our ward list because Elder Hixson has only been here a transfer more than I, and we've a big ward, so lots of people to figure out who they are and if they are active or less-active.  We were able to see Tim, an investigator who has been coming to church. He has a baptismal date of the sixth of December, and he loves the church. We just need him to develop a deeper testimony of the restoration and Joseph Smith and the prophet. We are now teaching the commandments in Preach My Gospel. New responsibilities are going well, just trying to get it all together and it will be good. I do have to reprove, but more just like reminding them of rules.
That is definitely sad that Jim is passing. That made me cry. Even though we didn't see him too often, he's still such a part of the family that it is tragic. Send my love to Heather. What is her email by the way.  Man, I cannot think of anything to report but all is well and I am sending pics so enjoy those.

Love you so much, Mother, and be especially safe on those hikes and be ever heedful to the whisperings of the spirit.

Elder Justin Cederlof
Note from mom:  Computer uploading was too slow - no pics this week...Bummer!

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